About Us

In June 2015, FITGirl, Inc Founder & Executive Director, Cheri Dickmeyer, felt the local community was in need of a summer camp that focused on both fitness and empowerment for teen girls. Through personal experience with two teen daughters of her own, Cheri wanted to develop a program that would help middle school and high school girls deal with anxiety, bullying, body image, self esteem, friendships and fitness. The camp idea was initially born from Cheri’s experience running an online health and wellness magazine. Within 30 days after the idea of a fitness camp was thrown around, Cheri developed a summer program in July of 2015 asking for help from some of the best fitness and empowerment coaches in Omaha. The camp created a media frenzy with an outpouring of support and validation from parents throughout the metro area.

FITGirl, Inc. now offers community courses, empowerment classes, yoga and fitness, mother and daughter self-defense classes, dad & daughter activities, expo’s and more! It is more than an empowerment program – it is a movement!

Cheri graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and also has an Associate of Applied Science degree. For eight years Cheri ran her own full-service marketing firm as well as a health and wellness magazine in Omaha. Her primary goal today is dedicating her time to the growth and expansion of FITGirl Inc., a non-profit organization that will allow her to grow into cities outside of Omaha. In her spare time, Cheri enjoys traveling, photography, sports, spending time with her family, volunteering, speaking, writing, and catching up with good friends.

The mission of FITGirl, Inc. is to empower young girls as they develop and mature by demonstrating positive lifestyle choices; physical, mental, relational and nutritional. We do this through camp style programs with coaches and mentors who instill confidence and courage with confidence building and physical fitness activities. We want to help increase a young girl’s awareness in identifying who they are and what they want. We help develop their abilities so they can grow confidently by equipping them with life skills that set cadence for life. They will learn how to handle challenging situations and relationships, as well as overcome barriers to achieve goals. Most importantly, we will teach them about the importance of choosing healthy foods that fuel their body and get them excited to exercise and stay active through outdoor adventures. THE FITGIRL WILL DISCOVER: Empowerment, Confidence, Motivation, Resiliency, Trust, Fitness, Nutrition, Supportive and Positive Relationships!